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Robert Mafes has over 25 years of experience in the HVAC sector. He is the founder and owner of Global Cooling, LLC, which he has been running for over a decade. The Better Business Bureau has given Global Cooling an A rating. Robert is originally from Hawaii and attended HVAC school after graduating from high school.

Robert founded Global Cooling in 2012, and the firm has developed steadily since then, with year-over-year growth. Global Cooling is a family-owned business with more than a century of cumulative HVAC servicing expertise. Mr. Mafes has contributed to the development of a company culture that prioritizes customer care and support, ensuring that customers’ requirements are satisfied regardless of the HVAC difficulties they are experiencing. Customers may find Global Cooling all around central Florida.

The North Florida Air Conditioning Contractors Association presently has Robert as a member. In addition, his company was included in the 2018 Best Home Guide. For numerous years, many individuals have relied on Global Cooling as their primary cooling and heating source. Global Cooling is timely, dependable, and honest, with reasonable prices. Global Cooling’s services begin with air conditioning installation, which Robert takes pleasure in.

People in Central Florida rely on Global Cooling for air conditioning installation services. Robert’s team consists of highly trained and experienced air conditioning installation specialists that get the work done perfectly the first time. Experience is a significant reason they can assist people so quickly and on such a large scale: they’ve been there before, seen what’s required, and figured out what works best in each case.

Robert is also enthusiastic about giving excellent heat installation services. Global Cooling has always been professional and well-versed in their field. They provide excellent instructional material on how to improve the functioning of your unit. If a device fails or requires maintenance, Robert’s team has already gone through a range of repair situations to develop rapid, effective diagnostics and discover a speedy solution.

Because the Florida heat may be terrible when the air conditioning goes out, Robert is dedicated to ensuring that each client has excellent repair alternatives. Robert is also passionate about ensuring that fitness facilities around Central Florida have what they need in terms of HVAC services.

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